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who we are

The earlier story

‘ThreeZeroInc’ was started by a freelancer who used to take projects with respect to Website and Graphics, at the same time was learning 3D animation, Visual FX as well as Motion Graphics. Since the day the company was formed, the primary goal has been on the quality, innovation of new concepts and offering something different to the client.

The person who had started the company, being very good at the technical things lacked the marketing skills, things required to promote the business to new clients, showcase the quality and so on.​

In comes the sisters

One of his sister joined in to help out with the business but, soon became the most key element which was missing in the earlier stage. The sister was able to promote the business using her exceptional skills in the field of Sales & Marketing. She brought the company to a whole new level. Later on, the other sister also joined in and the company is growing with every project it picks up.

As before, ‘ThreeZeroInc’ is always looking to work on something new which in turn brings new experiences and challenges. We might not be for everyone but, we are certainly for those who appreciate quality work in Web Designing, Graphic Designing, 3D, Motion Graphics, Video & Visual FX.





500Happy clients
1000 Projects
15dedicated staff