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Animation creates the motion as an appearance by using still images in sequential order. So, we can also say that it’s a simulation of movement created displaying a series of pictures or frames. For example, Cartoons on television are using animation technology.

Animation is a fine art which can originate from anyplace and which can go to anyplace - from an expansive creation group working in a very particular studio or a solitary individual working out of a room, to an Imax Cinema screen a few meters wide or a cell phone screen a couple of centimeters over.

Ideally, there can be 5 styles of an animation: -

  • Traditional: This can also be referred to one of the older forms of animation created. The animator draws every frame first to create the animation in sequence which is also called as creating illusion of movement.

  • 2D Vector based: Vector based means use of polygons (2-dimensional shape formed with straight lines like triangles, pentagons, hexagons, etc.) to represent images in computer graphics. However, the technique in this is the same as in traditional animation as this also uses vector images. But when the animations and in-betweens are done, the frames are brought over to a process called as ink and paint.

  • 3D Computer Animation: 3D animation works in a completely different way than traditional animation as its more like playing with puppets than drawing. Instead of drawing or constructing with clay, characters in 3D animations are digitally modeled on screen and later fitted with skeleton allowing animators to animate models for their use.

  • Motion Graphics: This is like giving motion illusion with the help of infographics which is nothing but a visual representation of information or data (for example: a diagram).

  • Stop Motion: This is achieved by simply clicking photos at a time and moving them just a little each. The process is repeated, so that when all the photos are played back one after another, they then give the illusion of movement. It differs with the traditional animation only in the case that it uses real life materials than just drawings.






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