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Catalog is a listing of products or services on sale with their description and prices published through a printed document. A Catalog can also represent these products or services by categorizing them into groups if need be. Catalog Designing is mostly used either to market the company’s products or services for sale or to provide courses information offered at a university.

There can be two types of Catalog Designing: -

  • B2B Catalog Design: This is also referred as business-to-business Catalog. Business Buyers first require to study the products and its technical specs before proceeding with their buying decision from another business company. The layout design for this would greatly differ from the layout design for a B2C Catalog Design.

  • B2C Catalog Design: This is also referred as business-to-consumer Catalog. So here the target audience are the direct consumers of the product or service. But then, in this you keep in mind of the type of audience you are dealing with. Is it the younger folks to whom you need to showcase the products or the older ones? Per the audience type, a designer then modifies the layout style of the Catalog.


Catalog Designing





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