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Brochure is a document advertising or representing information and pictures of any product or service of an organization. So, it’s one of the best ways to present your company. These are usually printed and folded a certain number of times, depending as to how many products/services need to be shown in it. Hence, they are used in a variety of sales and marketing purposes.

Brochure Design can take many forms like single page (bi-fold, tri-fold, gate-fold) or multi-page (saddle stitched, perfect bound). It can be used for different purposes for example: a menu, a selling sheet, etc. The designing of this becomes very interesting by any designer because its creative possibilities are endless. An effective brochure design includes the idea of someone not just looking at it but to get engaged with it, turn it over, unfold its panels, flip pages. For a designer working on a brochure design gets an opportunity to craft this kind of experience for their audience.​





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